HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Aitutaki home removed from repair list
It has been two years since some people in Aitutaki have waited for renovations and recovery of their homes that had been destroyed during Cyclone Pat.
The New Zealand aid and funding for disaster recovery has been a bonus to the people of Aitutaki, however the method for prioritizing repairs and the organization of the renovations of the homes has become a major problem to some of the people.
Last week, CITV news reporter Miimama Mautairi met with David Katu a resident in Vaitupa Amuri who shared his concerns about his family’s home that had been initially included in the recovery but had somehow become excluded from the schedule for homes to be renovated.
Katu wrote to Cook Islands Herald expressing his concerns and seeking support. He stressed that his neighbor, a non landowner is on the Island council and is also the same person that had not included his home on the renovation list.
The NZ aid funding was sent to help rebuild destroyed homes however, he excluded 2 other destroyed homes from his family. They were his father’s family home and his sister’s home.
Katu’s sister lives in Australia, and her house was destroyed during the cyclone. Instead of the aid funds going towards repairing her house, the island council had given and assisted the tenants who then took this aid to build the foundation for a house on their own land. Understandably, this has created a major issue for Katu. He wants the public to know what had happened to the aid sent to help the people of Aitutaki.
Katu said that the supplies sent for his house were removed because of conflict and problems caused to his family.
He is now seeking support and help through government and the people to complete his home.

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