HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Maria Tanner spends 5 Minutes with ... Miss Cook Islands Teuira Napa
The lights to the auditorium dim and a restless crowd settle in their seats patiently awaiting the show of the year to commence, backstage nine hearts pound racing with excitement and adrenaline as the countdown in the vie for the Miss Cook Islands title is almost in reach. Gripping at the hearts of the crowd with a strong and patriotic talent section and showcasing her witty and impromptu sense of humor the Cook Islands Herald caught up with the newly titled Miss Cook Islands 2012 Teuira Napa.
Chuckling at one of the two entertaining answers that kept both judges and spectators on the edge of their seats, Napa shares with us her personal Miss Cook Islands experience, dream of becoming a marine biologist and her journey to self confidence.
Readying herself for her first interview as the newly announced title holder Napa sits patiently in her chair idly chatting with her fellow contestants, “Oh I’m so shy,” she tells me.  Tall story if ever I seen it. Napa has emerged not only the winner of Miss Cook Islands but also taken the form of confident, well spoken young representative. Cringing she reminds me of a highly emotional first interview with CITV, “I cried, oh my gosh,” she laughs, “when I first started out I was very emotional and extremely shy but I’ve learnt to flick that shyness off me,” she says shaking her shoulders, “because of that I’ve become a stronger person, I’m more confident,” she says with piercing conviction.

Over the past several weeks Napa alongside 7 other contestants readily participated in the many number of MICIPA organized mentoring sessions, photo shoots and salon sessions readying themselves for the big night, during those important meetings Napa list meeting with locally based marine biologist to discuss shark sanctuaries and turtle conservation as a competition highlight. “I’ve always had a dream of one day becoming a marine biologist,” the 18 year old beauty tells me, “so when Jess came in to talk with us it was something that really touched me. I’m so proud to represent the Cook Islands,” she tells me with an assured seriousness, “and I will do all I can to help ensure that we sustain and manage our marine life for our future generations to come.”

Beneath her cool, calm and collected demeanor a bundle of nervous race just below the well controlled veneer, “all of this has been such a fantastic experience,” Teuira says beaming at me thinking back on the success of last night’s show, “but I’m proud that I can say I’ve left with 7 new friends.”

-Maria Tanner

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