HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Renewable energy team heads north
CAT projects is an Australian firm based in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory which specializes in the design of renewable energy systems especially in isolated settlements.
Representatives from the company along with members of the Renewable Energy Division at the OPM departed by chartered flight for the north on Tuesday where they will visit Rakahanga, Manihiki and Pukapuka.
Prior to departing, the CAT Team held discussions with the Renewable Energy Division, the Ministry of Finance and the NZ High Commission.
The CAT team of three is lead by Team Leader Lyndon Frearson and includes Project Manager Oliver Fitz-Henry. The RED team of three is lead by Division head, Tangi Tereapii.
On the three islands, the team will hold discussions with the Island Councils, Administration and people and;
1. Design a system that will enable government to achieve its policy target of 100% renewable energy, and
2. design a system suitable for the environment and the people.
The team will also check the power consumption habits and consider other public safety issues such as street and harbour lights. The team will also recommend a tariff system for power consumption.
After coming up with a system design, the installation work will be tendered out. The Rakahanga system design will be funded by the Japanese who will also be approached to fund the Pukapuka system. The Manihiki system design will be funded through NZ Aid.
The tendering out is expected to be in August/September. -Charles Pitt

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