HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Old seadog learns new tricks
It’s a bright and breezy Tuesday morning and Alberto Bachman, former owner of “Alberto’s Steakhouse” and the trimaran “Hotel California,” is preparing his meticulous wise en place for the nearing rush of lunch. A new venture for seasoned chef and charismatic Swiss, Bachman has opened the Drift in Café located in the appropriately nautically themed white and blue hut at the Punanga Nui Market.
Next door to the bright yellow of the SPCA store you’ll find Bachman serving up creations inspired from both prior menus, the countless different kitchens he’s worked amongst, and his patrons, “You know the BLT? Well do you know the FLT?,” Bachman asks me rhetorically, I have a fair idea but he continues on, “Some people came in and said to me Alberto I don’t like bacon why can’t I have fish instead.” Hence the creation and inclusion of Bachman’s infamous FLT.
The Drift in Café which opened mid May has seen a fair amount of foot traffic from both locals and tourist alike, hosting an uncomplicated menu, customers are treated to an assortment of tasty treats from open steak sandwiches, to pasta dishes or the fisherman’s catch accompanied with salad and rice to refreshing ice tea without having to break the bank. Keeping with the theme of simplicity Bachman refuses to dish up the over served takeout joint hamburger and fries, “No I don’t serve French fries,” he scoffs noting the amount of grease used in the process, and instead has opted to include the healthier option of baked potatoes.
Open Monday to Friday from 11am to 3pm customers have the choice of dining al fresco with decking that surrounds the exterior of airy hut, watching the hoards of travelers marching past or either basking in the sun over the Avatiu harbor. Whether you visit for the food or a yarn with old seadog Bachman you’re bound for an exciting lunch at the Drift in Café. -Maria Tanner

Herald Issue 608 21 March
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