HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Woman of the Month
Congratulations to our woman of the month Mrs Ngametua Turepu, fondly known as Tua amongst her family, friends and community.
As a prominent and proud member of the Matavera Oire, Mrs Turepu has always played an active role within and throughout her community, and “making sure that the wellbeing of my family is taken care of at all times” has always reigned as importance throughout her life. Cut from the Ngati Matenga and Raina clan Mrs Turepu was born Ngametua Matenga in September 1953 to the proud parents of Dr Teariki and Jane Matenga and shared her upbringing with her 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Schooling began for her at Titikaveka Primary school, where when graduated she proceeded to attend Tereora College until form 5.
Ngametua Turepu has been an avid “family farmer” whos life is surrounded with vegetable gardening which has extended into a small family operated business providing a “sustainable living.” Her hobby and love of growing and gardening has made her a permanent fixture of the Punanga Nui markets as Ngametua is one of the full time food vendors selling her local produce. “At the same time, I enjoy the company of the other mama’s selling at the market, sharing good conversation and, having a good breakfast.”
Outside of her strong gardening hobbies Ngametua lives a strong Christian life ordained and baptized into the Cook Islands Christian Church from Titikaveka, “The day accepting Christ in Life, has extended my commitment to the community, church and most of all my family,” she shares. Ngametua plays a vigorous role within the church providing assistance, support and care for extended Christian family; she is a member of several groups including Treasurer in the Tapere Vaenga e Pouara, Secretary of the Matavera Ekalesia Vainetini since January 2012, Treasurer of the Matavera Ekalesia Vainetini since2010, member of the Konitara Vainetini Womens Fellowship since January 2012 and assists support in the Church divisions, such as Sunday school, Youth group, Girls Brigade and Boys Brigade.
Our deserved Woman of the month is married to the Member of Parlianment for Matavera, Hon. Kiriau Turepu and says shes supports her husband in all activities he carries out in the community and Government and is very grateful for God’s blessing towards herself and her husband for giving them with 4 beautiful children, “They are my life that motivates me in all what I do at home, and the community,” Ngametua shares, “Like the saying goes, we start our teaching and learning in our homes first, before going out.”

-Maria Tanner

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