HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Maria Tanner Spends 5 Minutes with ... Luisa Peters

n a special celebration to mark the success of ex student and old girl, Luisa Peters, success in cutting the mustard and making the ranks of one of the largest Cook Islands
Olympyian squads to leave our shores yet, Nukutere College hosted an assembly of well
wishes and encouragement to send the 19 year old Cook Islands weightlifting champion off. With a penchant for travel Peters heads to London and in a few short days the Cook Islands will patiently await the grand opening of the sporting event of the year.

Herald: Congratulations Luisa on making it to the 2012 London Olympics! You’re only 19 years old, that’s such a large feat to accomplish at such a young age, how do you feel?
Luisa Peters: Thanks, I’m feeling pretty nervous but I’ll do my thing and I’m hoping to come out with some personal best so!

H: That’s a really positive outlook to keep when competing.How do you feel about representing the Cook Islands across an international sporting platform like the Olympics?
LP: Well it really is like George George said it’s the sporting worlds cream of the crop, it will be very different this is not the South Pacific Games or Oceania Champs, this is the Olympics and I’m up against the world’s best.

H: Absolutely you will be competing amongst the world’s best. While most children are playing netball or rugby you were doing weightlifting, how exactly did you get involved or start out with this sport?
LP: Ha Actually I started weightlifting when I was fourteen! It was my grandmother who actually got me involved with the sport; she came to and said Luisa why don’t you try weightlifting? I didn’t even really like it at first, but after my first competition I realized
that there was opportunity to travel, so I just stuck at it.

H: Wow so you’ve only been doing this for 5 years and you’ve already managed to land yourself amongst the Cook Islands Olympian squad, that’s amazing! Heading for London.
LP: Well four years ago I never would have thought that I would make it this far, to the Olympics, but four years later here I am heading to London.

H: At such a young age you’ve achieved something that most people would dream about, you’re a great role modle for Cook Islands youth any advice that you could lend an aspiring young athelet?
LP: Yeah definitely, I didn’t know that I would be going to the Olympics but hey if I can do it then anyone can do it. With hard training you’ll get there one day.

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