HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

CISNOC Board may be asked to step down over AGM fiasco
IOC threatens to withdraw funding, Treasurer appointed CEO of CISNOC

At an upcoming special general meeting to be called by sports codes unhappy at the postponement of the CISNOC AGM, the Board may be asked to step down.
And it has been reported that CISNOC Treasurer O’Brien disclosed that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) threatened to withdraw CISNOC’s funding unless he ( O’Brien) was appointed CEO of CISNOC.
CISNOC’s AGM was scheduled to take place on Tuesday 25 July 2012.
On Wednesday 18 July, CISNOC executives in a message to all codes, moved to postpone the AGM until the audit of the accounts had been completed. CISNOC claimed that many sports codes had requested the deferment.
However, a survey of the codes on Friday 20 July revealed that 25 of the 34 National Federations and Island Associations supported the AGM going ahead on the 24th July.
Hugh Graham, President of Badminton which undertook the survey advised the Herald as follows;
“1. I was asked by Aunty Rosie to attend a meeting at CISNOC (Friday 20 July) to see how we could proceed forward in terms of CISNOC. In attendance at the meeting was Aunty Rosie, Dan O’Brien, George Paniani. Ina Marsters and myself.
2. The outcome of the meeting was:
a) CISNOC claimed that a total of 24 NF’s and ISA had emailed CISNOC indicating that they agreed that the AGM should be deferred (this is contrary to the attached spread sheet!).
b) A request of the names of these codes and who the author of the emails were was made to CISNOC by me. Dan instructed Lydia to provide me with this information. I can tell you that I received the attached spread sheet from Lydia at 4.22pm this afternoon! (list attached)
c) Dan advised me that if the majority of NFs and ISA wanted the meeting to go ahead then CISNOC would do just that.
CISNOC included the 7 Executive Board members in the total of 19 that want the AGM deferred. Is this fair since Aunty Rosie had stated that NF’s and ISA wanted the deferment?
Mitiaro, Cycling, Golf, Netball and Pukapuka are not included. I can confirm that Mitiaro, Cycling, Golf have confirmed re their emails that have been circulated. I have the Pukapuka proxy delegate letter addressed to Aunty Rosie with me (I attempted to deliver to Ina Marsters at CISNOC office only to be told best I hand it to Aunty Rosie).
So the numbers would be 17 in favour of deferment and 20 in favour of the meeting. remembering that I am still awaiting written confirmation from Rakahanga, Atiu and Mangaia (with regard to Mangaia their VP will be arriving tomorrow from Mangaia and he will be their proxy delegate).
Once I have confirmation of those 3 Island Sports Administrations then the numbers would be 17 in favour of deferment and 23 in favour of AGM going ahead next week.”
With CISNOC not agreeing to proceed with the AGM, a group of codes now plans to call a special general meeting. Graham advised that a technicality means the original agenda cannot be used so the group is considering an agenda with just two items. One being that the CISNOC Board step down.
The Herald has seen the set of draft accounts for the 2011 calendar year, forwarded to the codes and it is clear the accounts are in a sorry and confusing state with any finality quite some way off it seems. For example, CISNOC claims several sports codes had been “over-paid.” The draft accounts show Boxing was overpaid by $7,430, Tennis overpaid by $1,723 and Canoeing overpaid by $538. The net deficit for the year is shown as $304,934 and actual end of year equity as a deficit of $115,931. CISNOC’s revenue is shown as $62,117 while its costs are shown as $186,580, leaving a trading deficit of $124,463.
As events unfolded over the question of whether to proceed with the AGM, another matter, not made known to the codes, surfaced.
It appears CISNOC has appointed Treasurer Dan O’Brien to the position of CEO of CISNOC.
The matter was raised at the meeting with CISNOC on Friday 20 July by Graham.
“I asked the question re rumours re Dan’s appointment as CEO of CISNOC. Dan replied that this was true that he was the CEO and this was the reason why:
The IOC (International Olympic Committee) would not provide any further funding to CISNOC unless Dan O’Brien was appointed CEO of CISNOC. Yes I even asked Dan to clarify that for me again and the answer was the same! I asked why the ‘family’ of CISNOC had not been notified and the answer was that this was left up to the Senior VP to make the announcement.” -Charles Pitt

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