HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

ADB workshop for Internal Affairs staff
The Ministry Internal Affairs in partnership with the Asian Development Bank JFPR Program is running a 3 day monitoring and evaluation workshop this week. ADB Consultant Greg McTaggart is here to facilitate the Monitoring and Evaluation component of the Training. Mr McTaggart says that the key aspects of the work undertaken by Intaff Welfare Officers are to Monitor and Evaluate ADB JFPR Funded Projects and ensure that quality services are provided by NGO’s who are working with those most vulnerable in our communities and who requires homecare support services. The INTAFF Officers will oversee the process of service delivery for each of the funded NGO’s and report on the standard of care and services being offered by these Pilot schemes in the Cook Islands.
Pa Enua INTAFF Officers from Mangaia, Mauke, Mitiaro Aitutaki, Atiu, Manihiki, Pukapuka and Rarotonga based staff are attending the 3 day training which includes in addition to the Monitoring and Evaluation training other components which will be facilitated by the INTAFF Welfare Division, Child and Family, Labour Employment Relations, Consumer, Disability and the Social Impact Fund. The additional trainings are part of the new roles been undertaken by INTAFF officers in the Pa Enua. While the INTAFF Officers have a substantial amount of information to absorb within a short period of time, it is expected that further training will be conducted on each of the islands in the near future as a refresher course and to include any new staff that will be employed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The new responsibilities of the INTAFF Officers will increase the visibility of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the outer islands and provide a location where people in the outer islands can request for information regarding the divisions mentioned above.
At the completion of the 3 day training a wrap up ceremony will be held to acknowledge the 39 years of service by Aitutaki INTAFF officer Tearuru Carl Marsters and 17 years of service by Rakahanga INTAFF Officer Teokotai Temu. The two Officers recently turned 60 and have decided to retire from the Public Service and pursue other interests that have been on the back bench for a number of years. The Ministry extends their gratitude to the two women for their many years of diligent service. While they will be missed by their co-workers on Rarotonga and the Pa Enua they have worked on, their retirement will present an exciting opportunity to other residents on these islands to take up the challenge, as the new Internal Affairs Officer.
We would like to take extend our thanks to the ADB – Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction Program for their assistance in funding the Monitoring and Evaluation Training and the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Staff with Training implementation.

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