HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Oscar Temaru visits the `Atu Pare Marae
On Tuesday morning 28 August at 11am, in the village of Kavera in Puaikura, the sound of the conch shell and the beating of the drums echoed through the grounds of Te Marumaru o te Ui Ariki, as the chanting of the warriors welcomed the President of Tahiti Mr Oscar Temaru and his party of representatives from the government of Tahiti Nui.
On the paepae of Te Marumaru o te Ui Ariki, also to acknowledge the guests were representatives from the three sectors of the island from the Orometua, to the honourable members of parliament Mr Teariki Heather and Mr Teina Bishop, members of the Koutu Nui and supporting members of the nation.
And on the marae, “Atu Pare Marae”, on their respected seats (akinanga)
were the Kau ma-iti (President)of the Ui-Ariki the high chief Tou Ariki, Makea Karika Ariki, Makea Vakatini Ariki and Kainuku Kapiri te rangi Ariki and also the ta`unga Nganganoa.
On “Atu Pare Marae”, the Kau ma-iti, with the ta`ungaNganganoa proceeded with the peu Māori or traditional custom of
1 Kiriti`anga maro-tai
2 Kura Tūorooro
3 Pa`u `anga i te Kura tūoro and the President Temaru was presented with a fine “Rakau” to confirm, establish and strengthen the connection of the umbilical-cord between Cook Islands and Tahiti.
Mr Temaru, in an emotional response, expressed how he felt the mana of the occasion and also stressed how lucky we are to still have our `enua, that is our mother, and that we continue to look after her and to take care of her. -Rutera Taripo

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