HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Cook Islander standing as Councillor for the Oakleigh Ward and City of Monash
Standing as a candidate for the Oakleigh Ward and City of Monash is Cook Islander Mrs Ngatuaine Hosking. The City of Monash is rich in its diversity and linguistic communities and 49% of its population are migrants. Multiculturalism is an important element and living in harmony is an important factor is the reason why Ngatuaine is running at the October 2012 local government election. “My passion is people and our communities” according to Ngatuaine. She wants to ensure controlled and well managed developments with proper community consultations if she is elected at the October 27, 2012 Election for City of Monash.
According to business owner Meg Phillips and resident of the City of Monash, Ngatuaine
is a dynamic leader not only within her Cook Islands community but also the City of the Monash. She has inspired women from all walks of life and cultures, building bridges between the many and varied community groups in Monash. Her “can do” approach to the projects she is involved in, puts her in good stead to become a councillor. With Ngatuaine, being a resident of Monash since 1977, Meg is impressed by her approachability and inclusiveness.
The Victoria Cook Islands Community of Victoria is wholeheartedly behind Ngatuaine in this race and is organizing a barbecue fundraise this weekend to support Ngatuaine with her campaign. Ngatuaine have lived in Monash for more than 25 years and had raised her family there. She has completed Diploma in Community services at Holmesglen and also Diploma in Community Development at RMIT University. She works as a Community Development and Partnership Officer with the Victoria Immigrant & Refugees Women’s Coalition. Ngatuaine is married to Koti Hosking and she was born in Araura.
Ben Mose, now Chief Executive Officer to the Honourable Teariki Heather, has been an active member of the National Party in Monbulk, Victoria for 25 years welcomes Ngatuaine’s anticipation and admits that it will be a tough road for her however, at the same time he adds that it is not impossible to get there. We are talking about politics making a difference to the life of the people in Oakleigh. He added that “You are not only talking about Cook Islanders as they wouldn’t understand the actual role you play.” “Our own people in Melbourne want to know what you can do for them and, furthermore she’s got to be attached to a political party for a very good stance.” The Cook Islands community is not enough. Fellow Cook Islander John Uri, working as a Welfare Officer in Sydney for the last few years stood for national and council election and he was lucky to get 50-100 votes according to Ben. -Charlie Rani

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