HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Health plan to reduce deaths caused by NCDs
On Tuesday the official signing of the WHO (World Health Organization) Cooperation Strategy for the Pacific took place at the office of the Minister for Health, Hon Nandi Glassie, ensuring that the Cook Islands has a stable position in the MCCS (Multi Country Cooperation Society).
Discussions between WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific, Dr. Shin Young-soo and Minister of Health, the Hon Nandi Glassie consisted of how the Cook Islands would play a part in this concept. This strategic plan aims to reduce the number of deaths (solely in the Pacific region) that are caused by non-communicable diseases (such as cardiovascular-related diseases, obesity and the most common disease, diabetes etc) as well as other life threatening factors of the Pacific, like Sexually Transmitted Infections, climate change, environmental threats and prolonging the lives of our children, which are common issues that are shared amongst our Pacific neighbours.
Through the signing of the Strategic Plan, WHO wishes to strengthen human resources, provide fellowship and work alongside our community in order to make improvements in areas where needed, such as road safety, enforcing stronger regulations in regards to our current crime rate and improving the methods of importation for food into our country. This will then strengthen the capacity of Government.
People will have to adapt to these new changes that will soon be implemented to make their lifestyles more suitable.
WHO has been involved with 21 other Pacific countries, which include American Samoa, Fiji, Tokelau, Niue and all are equally motivated and determined to change their people’s lives for the better. Society will address these issues and accept them, whilst still making the improvements where necessary.
Minister Glassie would also like to acknowledge that WHO has also been a source of financial aid to the Cook Islands, which signifies their continual relationship and commitment with our country, for which he is very appreciative of.
Also present were the Secretary for health Liz Iro and the President of the House of Ariki Travel Tou Ariki. -Norma Ngatamariki

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