HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Phase II of ADB regional assistance
The Cook Islands Renewable Energy Division of the OPM is currently in phase II of the regional technical assistance scheme that is funded by the Asia Development Bank (ASB).
The programme is on track says ADB Energy and Natural Resources Division Martina Tonizzo.
Tonizzo who has travelled for the first time to the Cook Islands is here to view progress and implementation of energy efficiency. Since it commenced in 2005 the ADB has been working with Pacific governments with the initial project or phase I provided to 5 pacific countries including Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. Some of the energy efficiency measures that were assessed were to co finance the retro fitting of a hotel with an energy efficient switcher in Vanuatu and the roll out of CFL energy efficient light bulbs in the Cook Islands. Collectively phase I of the project is estimated to have cost US$1.3million ceasing in 2007.
Now in phase II Tonizzo advises the main purpose is to “scale up” the implementation of the projects outlined in phase I. Phase II, which is nearing the completion of its first year, will see consultants working with each individual country collecting data. $2.3 million has been earmarked for the implementation of these projects over the span of three years. -Maria Tanner

Update on energy efficiency projects

The Renewable Energy Division of the Office of the Prime Minister has just established a steering committee to consider proposals for projects to increase energy efficiency.
The Committee, which will hold its first meeting on Friday, is made up of the;
Energy Commissioner Roger de Bray-Chairman
Director of the Renewable Energy Division-Tangi Tereapii
CEO of Te Aponga Uira-Apii Timoti
And representatives from CIIC, Tourist Authority, BCI and MFEM.
On Tuesday morning, the Herald met and spoke with Felix Gooneratne, who heads the local ADB funded energy efficiency (EE) team which includes Terekino Vaireka –National EE advisor, and received an update on activities and proposed projects in the energy efficiency area.
Felix advised that the Steering Committee will consider a range of proposed projects which are;
(1) Airport car park lighting-the design for solar powered lights has been completed.
(2) Avatiu port marina lighting- there are two options being considered for the marina which is stage 1. They are (a) stand alone solar lights powered by a separate (not individual) system and (b) LED lighting with a central supply system.
(3) Punanga Nui market lighting-a design has been completed and will be considered for endorsement by the Market Committee which meets Thursday.
(4) Fridge/freezer replacement programme- the ADB has agreed in principle to provide a rebate scheme to encourage people to swap their old, low star rated freezers with higher star rated freezers which although more expensive will result in savings in the long run. The last census revealed there is still a high number of low star rated fridge freezers being used.
(5) Replacement of incandescent bulbs in residential homes- the census has revealed more than half of homes still have incandescent and fluorescent tube lighting. The EE team is looking at a programme to replace the old bulbs with D5, smaller diameter bulbs, which will bring a 40% saving over time.
(6) Expressions of interest from Hotels for EE assistance-14 hotels have expressed an interest in EE. They will be spoken to about what can be offered e.g.-a free energy audit, an investment grade audit which if implemented, may qualify for co-funding from the ADB, training in EE audits.
(7) Public buildings retrofit- 12 Ministries are interested in a programme to (a) replace lights with EE bulbs and (b) install new air conditioner timer controls which will prevent extended use.
Felix advised that four projects will be submitted to the ADB in the first round, early November for consideration for funding. These are; the lighting projects at the airport, Port marina, Punanga Nui Market and the fridge freezer upgrade.
In the second round next February, two projects will be submitted; the public buildings retrofit and the residential homes bulbs replacement.
In the third round later next year, the hotel project will be submitted.
Felix advised that the ADB will be sending out Energy Audit Training Kits next February to assist training of private sector persons. This will be the first phase of training as during the year further training modules will be sent. -Charles Pitt

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