HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Tauhunu Fishing Club Tournament 29 Sept 2012
Tauhunu Fishing Club is back again hunting those yellow fin Tuna....Despite of the 75% turn up of club members the tournament still continues. One member said that the time and tide was perfect and sure enough lots of tuna were hauled last Saturday 29th of September.
At sea Sebong blew whistle to indicate it’s time to head back a shore so the fishermen can support the All Blacks game, sure enough as they got ashore the weigh master has all ready gone and left a note reminding the fisherman to be the honest Christian when weighing their fish.....for that he President Toka took over the task.
The Day was so good and a lot of fun.....boats were exchanging verbal teasing and was so fun...even shouting out in support of the Melbourne Storms....
The amounts of tuna fish on Saturday were massive. Most boat got 10+ tunas. Average weight around 8kg.
Tangi Akapua , 11 years old pulled 8 yellow fin tuna on the day and he was happy about it and infact he paid his grand dads boat fee.
Major Prize – Heaviest Tuna – Munokoa Tepania
Heaviest Fish - Maui Tairea (wahoo)
Aggregate Weight – Munokoa Tepania
Fisherman of the day –John Matangaro. A.K.A Sebong
Under 16 fisherman – Tangi Akapua
Poutu prize (float) – Nehemia Kaina
Just a reminder to all the Tauhunu Fishing Club that there will be another tournament coming up on the 20th of October before the Associations one which will be on the 27th of October.
Those who are interested to take up the boat master course please bring your name to the secretary so that the association will know how many participants. The executive encourages every member to take part in this course.
Our safety bag is at the President. Please make use of it for a small fee of $2. -Retire Puapii

Herald Issue 608 21 March
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- Pacific Media Assistance Scheme Seeks Innovation
- Successful NZ visit by PM
- Rerekura Teaurere New Climate Change Coordinator
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