HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Guangdong donates gear and services
On Wednesday morning the visiting medical delegation from the Guangdong province of Southern China gifted 4 boxes of heart and diabetes gear and supplies to Health Minister Nandi Glassie and Ministry of Health Directors.
The 12 strong delegation included medical specialists in the fields of cardiology, gynecology and ophthalmology lead by Deputy of Director General of Guangdong Foreign Affairs Ms Li Chunyan. They toured Rarotonga Hospital with Chunyan expressing to Minister Glassie their collective impression of the state of our hospital and health system under the administration of Minister Glassie, “It’s very clean and the staff operate at a professional level, we were very impressed,” expressed Chunyan’s through her interpreter.
While non communicable disease still remains the main health threat in the Cook Islands, the delegation specializes in the areas of cancer, heart disease and diabetes and had discussed extending their professional health services to the Cook Islands, “We are privileged to have these specialists taking a lot of interest and focus in the Cook Islands,” said Glassie.
Li Chunyan implored Minister Glassie to visit the Southern China province in what would be a two tiered offer for Glassie in both medical and agricultural fields as Guangdong is also one of the world’s advanced seed producers. Chunyan also offered a proposed program of the Minister’s visit outlining a visit to seed production nurseries. While there Minister Glassie says that he will make the effort to inquire about rice production and its viability, along with other possible seed production, in the Cook Islands, “it’s very satisfying to know that they have made the effort to come all the way over here.” -By Maria Tanner

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