HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Contract to underpin quality service and products
On Tuesday 10th, the signing of the Accreditation Contract between the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation and the Tourism Industry Council took place at the Air New Zealand Koru Club Lounge. A monthly meeting is held within the Tourism Industry Council, who has been working diligently to establish a revitalized accreditation agenda.
The Council is an organization which was first established in 2008, for the simple purpose of responding to the needs of the tourism industry in the Cook Islands and to interact with other businesses who are involved in the tourism trade. The Council aims to promote our country by using the best means possible, hosting meetings to discuss strategies that they can approach in making the Cook Islands a better destination for its visitors by providing them with quality service and products. With that being said, the signing of the Contract is in its best interests.
Tourism Industry Council Vice President and Chairman of the Accreditation Committee, Greg Stanaway, acted as the spokesperson on behalf of the Industry.
This signing of this Contract is a service agreement underpinning the relationship and collaboration between the Corporation and the Industry Council, which is a quality assurance which gives the Industry the opportunity to raise their standards so that the destination is wholly benefited. The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation have kindly provided the Council with the capital needed (the financial aspects) in order to get this scheme “up and running.”
The Tourism Industry Council appreciates the contribution received from NZAID for development funding, which will be channeled to the appropriate areas. -Norma Ngatamariki

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