HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Cook Islands first to trial guidelines
The Cook Islands is poised to become the first Pacific developing nation to be placed on an international register which links donor countries with countries seeking funding for programmes to mitigate the effects of climate change.
Murray Ward who heads the Global Climate Change Consultancy based in Wellington New Zealand has been contracted by SPREP (Secretariat for the Pacific Region Environment Programme) to come up with guidelines to assist Pacific developing countries to apply for funding and to “road test” it.
The Herald spoke with Murray on Tuesday afternoon.
Murray advised that the Cook Islands has been selected to road test the guidelines because the Cooks has a well developed plan which identifies climate change priorities for action but not where the necessary funding may come from.
Murray has two weeks for the test and his report to SPREP needs to be completed before the next Conference of the Parties (COP) at Doha, Qatar at the end of November 2012.
Murray advised that the international register will match developing countries up with prospective donors for finance, technology and capacity building and provide the opportunity for bilateral, government to government discussions.
The idea for a set of guidelines was first raised at the COP in Bali some years ago as part of the Bali Action Plan. It did not get moving until the COP held in Cancun, Mexico in December 2010.
In a nutshell,
- Developing country Parties will take nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs), in context of sustainable development, supported and enabled by technology, financing and capacity building
- Developing countries invited to submit information on NAMAs they intend to implement and, as well, information on those actions for which they are seeking support, along with estimated costs and emissions reductions, and the anticipated time frame for implementation
- A registry to be set up to record NAMAs seeking international support and to facilitate matching of finance, technology and capacity-building for these actions
According to Murray, donor partners are looking for “good stories” and successful outcomes, effective and efficient use of funds, good working relationships and outcomes achieved which are measurable and reportable.
The guidelines include a template for preparing applications.
Murray advised that something like $100 billion will be mobilized by 2020 for developing countries to fund mitigation projects. -Charles Pitt

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