HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Atiu takes out BCI Business challenge
Enua Manu School in Atiu took out the BCI Business Challenge convincingly as it also won 6 of the 7 categories and the prize for best school along with first placing.
Student’s weeks of hard work came to a nail biting finale as the participants of the BCI business Challenge presented to a tough judging panel on Tuesday morning. Working inconjunction BCI, BTIB and the Ministry of Education formulated a business challenge aimed at year 10 students to create a sound business idea, plan and product and saw the participation of Tereora College, Titikaveka College, Papaaroa School and the welcomed inclusion of Aitu’s Enau Manu School. “The idea of the assignment was a step up from the original young entrepreneurs program looking at how to set up a business and run structures,” says Johanna Simiona of the Ministry of Education.
Students were initially given a cash capitol of $100, a number of pearls and pareu donated by the MOE to generate the initial funds needed for students to create their products, and judging by their displays they had spent creatively. Each school had created a product utilizing local materials from rito earrings and bright yellow pupu ei to bold pareu print cushions and bags capturing both the purpose of the business challenge fused with the Cook Island culture. “We want to see what kind of creative ideas the students have produced from local materials,” says Simiona.
With 7 main categories to meet, student’s final presentations were to a mixed judging panel of representatives from BCI, BTIB and Ministry of Education where the fight for the $500 cash prize of first place would be of close competition. Not all students will walk away empty handed though as the 2nd place earns $300 and 3rd place draws in a cool $200 cash with each person receiving a certificate of participation for their efforts. There is also prize of $100 for each category. Then the best school receives a prize of $300. “Of the money that the teams get today will be for the team, how they disperse of the funds is all part of the challenge in learning how to pay for expenses and overheads Simiona explains of the role it plays in teaching students about budgets.
The business challenge continues over the following months with student’s products hitting the Trade Days on 28 and 29 November being in time for the Vaka Eiva. The contest to make the most money from sales will end in December with the winner receiving a prize.
This year’s program has given great confidence to major sponsors BCI and Ministry of Education, particularly with the outer island inter-action, the aim is to double the number of participating schools in next year.
Prize winners
First place: Enua Manu School (Atiu)-$500. The school also took out six of the seven categories winning $600. It also won best school receiving $300.
Second place: Titikaveka College-$300. The College won one category receiving $100.
Third place: Tereora College-$200. -Maria Tanner

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