HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Woman of the Month
Congratulations to our woman of the month known as Aunty Nga or Mama Nga, she has and continues to display qualities that had made her a worthy candidate for the title of Woman of the Month. Her  obligations, especially in her tribal district Pokoinu, in the village of Nikao are above other responsibilities without expecting any returns and she also has high expectations and hopes for her children to follow suit.
Never one to miss a service, Mama Nga has been and still remains involved in the Nikao Cook Island Christian Church, with her strong belief and faith in God she has high regard for all pastors and their lives and would go out of her way to accommodate their needs expecting little or nothing in return. Mama Nga even attends Catholic, SDA and AOG churches just to be with her extended family members and is currently a member of the Atiu CICC. Another of her passions is her Girl Guides program, Mama Nga is always dressed the part, looks the part, with the same white, pressed uniform of the Guides never faltered for once.
With her dedication, she’s always carried the Girl Guides banner all her life and again never sought personal gain for herself. Her leadership qualities are so modest that people see her as an unassuming person that she enjoys teaching young girls her skills, her part in Duke of Edinburgh Award programs go beyond limits and her day is always complimented with a Girl Guide salute. Always wanting to contribute to the greater community Mama Nga has travelled to New Zealand & Australia to participate in many community fundraising projects for specific course in the welfare of the church and the community. She has also travelled to Samoa, New Zealand, Fiji and other outer islands for participating in Girl Guide events and many trips to Rarotonga for guiding purposes.
Mama Nga’s sporting achievements reigned during her most active and youthful years as a top woman cyclist and strong athlete in tennis, netball and athletics. Her Kokaua families from Pokoinu were the first and only family to represent and dominate Avatiu-Nikao in the Kumete sports. Her father Tuaivi Kokaua coached and led Avatiu-Nikao to victory all those years and was supported by the Taripo and Tonga Henry families. As a busy wife, mother and business woman looking after her 9 children as well her brothers and sisters children Mama Nga used to run a small dairy shop inland Pokoinu at the corner of Avatea School while attending to her children.
Since retiring to Atiu, she now manages 4 tourism accommodations called Taparere Lodge and tirelessly works hard to impress her guests with her god given natural talent and gift. To add her abundant qualities include hand craft, sewing, embroidery and cooking, at 76 years old, she’s still got the strength of a 50 year old or younger.
 Although a behind the scene person Mama Nga’s presences is always felt by those who work closely with her as she maintains our cultural custom of ‘giving gifts’ to those whom she shares a laugh, rest and food with. Her public relationship towards other people is exceptional and would always go out of her way to make them feel welcome.
The minute she wakes up, she does not stop working until her head hits the pillow. With so many accomplishments to hallmark her life Mama Nga says, “Above all, the most prestigious blessing from God is seeing my children and grandchildren strive and become successful in their personal, academic and sports careers. I couldn’t ask for more.”-Maria Tanner

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