HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

$300,000 needed to finish Atiu Hostel
The call for more on hands manual help has been made by Aunty Nga Teao-Papatua, member of the Atiu Hostel committee, as the proposed December opening has been brought to a standstill due to the structures uncompleted construction.
An Atiu Hostel working bee has been initiated to take place on Saturdays as the need for more help from members of the community are needed to reach the highly anticipated completion of the hostel. “We the mamas come with our lunch and help to feed the workers but we are lacking the Atiuan hands needed to come together to complete the project,” says Aunty Nga.
The laying of the foundation which officially took place in 2008 has since been in jolted progress with tireless amounts of work conducted over the 4 years yet is still far from completion.
Although several fundraising events have taken place generating just over half a million dollars in funds for the construction of the hostel Aunty Nga says an additional $300,000 is still needed to be raised to reach completion of the Tupapa based premises.
Already closer to closing the $300,000 gap a catering project that looks to draw in over $4000 is a welcomed addition toward the Atiu Hostels funds with future plans to hold a super housie fundraiser in the coming months advises Aunty Nga. -Maria Tanner

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