HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Punanga Nui extension 2 months from completion
Infrastructure and Planning Minister Hon Heather and Prime Minister Hon Henry Puna on Wednesday morning made an onsite inspection of the Punanga Nui extension to discuss the project’s delayed progress in view of the Hurricane season starting next week.
Some of the issues raised between the pair included the importance of the extension projects nearing completion was stressed by both parties due to the preparatory stages of cyclone season and the lack of readily available skilled engineering staff. To curb this issue Minister Heather and Prime Minister agreed that the amalgamating of the 3 capable businesses located in Rarotonga would not only solves the issues of numbers but reduce the amount of time to completion significantly.
It is proposed that the said remaining works will be conducted over a two month period with plans already put forward to tender. “We want to see how quickly we can finish this project before the start of the cyclone season and hopefully we can fast track,” stressed Minister Heather.
The Punanga Nui extension is a project of “innovation” says Prime Minister Puna as the dredging from the Avatiu Harbor has been regenerated and used as fill for the extensions landing and “as a result we have saved on funding,” expressed Prime Minister Henry. -Maria Tanner

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