HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 650: 23 January 2013

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O3B “Tier 1” antenna arrives in Rarotonga – the countdown is on

Earlier this month Telecom Cook Islands took delivery of O3b satellite dishes and related equipment, shipped all the way from the factory on East Coast of the USA. This means that Telecom’s engineering and satellite systems team will soon be working alongside O3b’s specialist engineers to begin construction on the 4.5m Ka-Band tracking antenna system. The introduction of this new structure places the Cook Islands as the first country in the Pacific to utilise the global satellite service.
The antenna construction marks the first phase of installation for O3b service which will provide Rarotonga and Southern group islands with faster speeds, reduced latency and lower prices for internet broadband service.
The construction of the pair of 4.5 metre antennas will take place over most of February and will see Telecom’s engineers and technicians closely involved in assembling this innovative equipment. Once in operation, the antennas lock onto and track the O3b medium earth orbit satellites as they orbit 8,000 kilometres above the Equator, keeping continuous contact. As one satellite drops away from view, the second antenna locks onto the next satellite, and so on. They are designed to establish links that will provide seamless data transfer with no losses or breaks in connection.
“The upgrade will give our local engineers and satellite team hands on experience, enable them to learn new skills and gives them the opportunity to work alongside leading international engineers” said Ngatama Aniterea Chief Operations Officer for Telecom Cook Islands, who went on to say “bringing O3b to the Cook Islands not only provides our country with better telecommunications it is also developing our technical knowledge to meet current and future needs. Our “Tier” 1 equipment is actually here on the Rock - it’s very exciting. We are also beginning to plan for the installation of the smaller “Tier 2” terminals in the Southern Group islands”.
O3b fast internet service is due to go live in July / August 2013.

Tivaivai exhibition

A Cook Islander living in Samoa, Mareva is a 12 year old student home on holiday.
On Thursday the 22nd of November there was a Tivaivai exhibition held at the National Museum on Rarotonga.
The opening of the exhibition was conducted by Mauri Toa and the prayers were by a papa. When they cut the rope for the grand opening I went see the tivavais…‘Gasp’ “OH WOW!” that’s what I said when I entered the museum. “Look at all the beautiful tivaivais!” there were different types of colors on each one! There were some with green, red, purple and orange all over!
Mrs. Taamo Heather was one of the mamas who had made a tivaivai with expensive cotton. The picture was some grapes and its leaves and vines and it took her a whole year to do and named it ‘The expression of love’. I was looking around the room when I saw one that had crowns on it made with different colors…“wow” I said. ‘It’s amazing what people think of’ I thought in my mind. ‘Especially to put on a tivaivai!’ PINK, BLUE, GOLD, YELLOW was all I saw my eyes hurt of such beautiful sight… (Not really it hurt because I never blinked… I was day dreaming in the opening and forgot to blink). I was one of the last people looking at them as everybody went to have something to eat.
There were seafood, chicken, fruit, fried rice and dessert… (Chocolate cake and cream puffs) it was so delicious!!! Some mamas were singing I was admiring them as they can sing and I can’t. I was just standing their nodding my head and watching them (the food was only for the opening).
The tivaivai fest is open till the 21st of December!!! So it’s on for a whole month! If you want your eyes to feast on something good….go to the National Museum!

U16 Aitutaki team places third

From the Island of Aitutaki are their very own U16 representatives, Te Mana o Utataki. This junior crew has been involved with paddling for approximately two and a half years. Their personal coach is Paula Maoate who is a paddler herself and has been involved for almost 6 years. They attended last year’s Vaka Eiva (2011), all being their first competitive race experience and gained excellent race results for first time competitors. This year they are currently competing in the U16 junior division and recently gained 3rd placing in the 6km race on Tuesday 28th. The junior crew had only five able paddlers flown from Aitutaki however were fortunate enough to gain an extra paddler from Ngakau Toa, Teora to fill in the team. The profiles for each paddler in the Te Mana Junior crew for this year are as follows:

Nooroa Maoate (Team Captain) Jordan Watt Pare Masters
Position: Number 6 (Steer) Position: Number 2 Position: Number 4
Age: 14 Years Old Age: 14 Years Old Age: 14 Years Old
Time Paddled: 3 Years Time Paddled: 1 Year Time Paddled: 1 Year

Christopher Pera Pope Tekatau Teora
Position: Number 3 (Caller) Position: Number 1 (Stroker) Position: Number 5
Age: 14 Years Old Age: 14 Years Old Age: 15 Years Old
Time Paddled: 2 Years Time Paddled: 2 Years TimePaddled: Unknown

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