HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 650: 23 January 2013

CISNOC appoints Chef De Mission 2013/16

The process to select CISNOC’s next Chef De Mission for the next 4 years is complete.
An advertisement was first placed with Cook Islands News and Cook Islands Herald on 27 October 2012. At the closure of applications on 13 November, 3 applications had been received.
CISNOC President Hugh Graham says that while only 3 people applied for the position he was happy to have implemented changes regarding how the appointment of Chef De Mission was made. “It has been a priority for me to ensure that we as elected Executive Board members engage and consult with our members”. The only disappointing fact was that there were no female applicants.
The Sports Select Committee under Chairman, VP Damien Beddoes was tasked to carry out the assessment, interviews and put a recommendation to the Executive Board as to the most appropriate person, in their view, to become CISNOC’s Chef De Mission for the next 4 years.
The Committee used 6 categories to assess the applicants, these were Presentation of their CV’s, Qualifications and Knowledge, Experience, Skills and the Interview.
In addition, Hugh says that he wanted to ensure that all National Sport Federations and Island Sports Administrations were given the opportunity to indicste who they thought should get the position by indicating who they preferred as Chef De Mission. Approval was given by all three applicants for the President to circulate their CV’s to the NF’s and ISA’s so that they could use this information to determine who they thought was the most skilled and experienced person. This preferential vote by the members was then given to the Sports Select Committee for their consideration.
The President had made it clear to all members that he would not be taking part in the assessment, deliberation or recommendation process of the successful person. ‘I had already made it clear by an email to all members that I had a conflict of interest in that one of the applicants was my brother, another my brother in law and the third a friend. My role was to collect the responses from members in terms of the preferential votes, pass onto the Committee as well as pass on the recommendation of the committee to the Executive Board for their endorsement.
I am pleased to announce that the Executive Board have endorsed the recommendation of the Sports Select Committee and have appointed Robert Graham as Chef De Mission 2013/16.
The Sports Select Committee will now be discussing and recommending to the Executive Board the conditions of Robert’s appointment.

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