HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 650: 23 January 2013

Roitoa and Tuia Family Reunion

Ten family clans of the Raitoa and Tuia family (Kuraia, Turotoenua, Isaia, Raiva, Kauri, Pavai, Kakemaunga, Kaveao and Ngatuakana) have gathered at the Sinai Hall for their 2012 Family Reunion. The purpose for this reunion is so that family members can familiarize themselves with their genealogy and, of course, to spend some quality time with newfound or long-lost members. “Discovering who is who and where we belong has certainly been quite an interesting journey,” says Frances Topa – Fariu, one of the organizers and coordinators of the reunion.
The Roitoa and Tuia clans hail from the island of Mitiaro, in which some members married outside of the family and moved to other countries, such as New Zealand and Australia. According to Frances, a total of 300 family members are present, so there will be a lot of discussion on descendants, ancestors and lineage. “It’s important to keep track of the family,” Frances says. “Our lineage goes back almost five generations and our family branch has since then extended and broadened.” Each clan had been asked to raise $3000 in order to help with the preparations of the reunion, which began on Saturday the 15th of December and will run for a period of five days.
The family group is using the Sinai Hall for their daily activities and presentations, while their sleeping quarters are at Avarua Primary School, which is just a short distance from the Hall. “It has been a very exciting time for us, with lots of laughter and fun,” Frances adds.

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