HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 650: 23 January 2013

Palmerston Island Health Centre

After two years of planning and discussion, the Palmerston Island Health Centre was officially opened on Thursday 13 November 2012.
Cook Islands Government representative, John Henry, said that the long awaited project sprung to life with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning, and the generosity of the Akakaingaro Family, who donated the site to the government. Henry said that the family decided on this gift after recognizing the Centre’s benefit to the community as a whole.
Construction began in June this year after the contract was given to Land Holdings Limited. Carpenters who were sent to the island completed construction within a span of five weeks. Henry added that three months prior to construction, the Island Secretary, locals, landowners, and staff of the Palmerston Island Administration, gathered to clear the site.
Henry, was accompanied by Director of Outer Island Services for the Ministry of Health, Helen Sinclair, and Land Holdings representative, Tino Pekepo to the event. The group departed for Palmerston Island on Saturday 10 November via Land Holding’s fishing vessel, the ‘Gold County’. They arrived two days later, but could not proceed with the opening as the building required minor additions.
Henry said that the Centre provides easy access for both the elders and disabled, and locals alike.
The travelling party would like to acknowledge the following for their support towards this project; Minister of Health – Hon. Nandie Glassie, Secretary of Health – Elizabeth Iro, Donye Numa, Project Manager - Mr. Joseph Akaruru, Island Secretary – Terry Marsters, Staff of Palmerston Island Administration, Government Representative – Mama Aka, Mayor – Mr. Bob Marsters, Assistant Mayor – Mr. Bill Marsters, Members of the Palmerston Island Council, landowners and residents, Telecom Technician – Joseph Marsters, residents who helped in the beautification of the grounds, Mama Hinano, Mama Aka, Mama Sara, Bill and Metua Marsters and families – for cooking lunch during clean up, Teachers and students of Palmerston Lucky School for the entertainment during the official opening, and Mr. Bill Doherty for the use of the vessel ‘Gold County.’

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