HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 650: 23 January 2013

Amelia Earhart found, finally and at last

“It’s the coldest of cold cases,” Richard Pyle, Associated Press.
“It seems to be the greatest unsolved mystery of the last century.” Jon Thompson.
Nostradamus wrote 3 quatrains about Amelia Earhart and predicted that there would be lots of debates about her trip and what happened with her airplane....The long journey will not be without debates ,Quatrain 10.84 Yes, it continues 75 years on. Bravo to each and everyone who committed their hearts, funds and effort to solve Amelia’s disappearance mystery.”Admittedly, it’s a needle in a haystack, but with the technology we have employed and the brains we have involved, if we don’t find it, no one will,” Jon Thompson said. The new expedition will be led Dave Jordan, president of Maine-based Nauticos, which tracks sunken treasures, and writer Elgen Long, FedEx founder and Chairman Fred Smith will support as usual. In the efforts that the plane is found, Jon Thompson plans a $13 million exhibition, which will travel across America during 8 years.
New, unique technology will be used during the spring 2013 search. A “technology” which was not known previously and which has been discovered by a scientist from Canada, Julia SVD, holder of numerous patents:
“Each person carries his own Eternal Hologram, where preserved information about all of his past lives and present life. All skills, knowledge, habits, memories people accumulate during their lifetime are transferred through the chain of their lives with our precious ETERNAL HOLOGRAM.”So where is Amelia’s Eternal Hologram right now? How about finding the real Amelia in some new body – not just in her wreckage – and ask her where her plane is located? Sound impossible? Amelia can do what nobody else can do..., right?
And she DID IT AGAIN! Numerous hypnosis specialists from Canada, USA, and the Netherlands proved that Julia is Amelia re-born! Enormous amount of unshaken astonishing facts support this now. HOLOGRAM, which was in Amelia’s body, definitely resides right now in Julia’s body. She is reborn; she is the living proof of this in flesh and bones with Spirit of Amelia living in her body today. It is amazing! With her own discovery, Julia can help in solving this mystery and find her plane. In Quatrain 2.45 Nostradamus told that that Amelia will re-born! Through death too late a great people renewed Right now Julia is in the Cook Islands. Her connection began with the turn of the millennium in 2000, “Amazingly I started to fly to the South Pacific 8 years before I found that my previous life ended in this place. When I sitting on the beach in Rarotonga I thought, If Heaven exist it is here.” Julia felt a great affinity for the Manihiki people. “Instantly I was attracted to the local people, I felt them almost like my relatives, my own community and tried to help them as much as I can with pearl marketing”
Helping to push the market further Julia invested $36 000NZD, working as a volunteer with pearl farmers, including Sam Karaponga, Homata Manavaroa, and travelled to Japan with Trainee Samson to exhibit Cook Island pearls at the International Trade Show.
In a press conference held at the White house in March 2012 Hilary Clinton stated “Amelia Earhart decided she was going to break all limits: social limits, gravity limits…distance limits...We can be optimistic as Amelia Earhart was and we can be defined not by the limits which hold us down but by opportunities that are ahead.”
Yes, I agree: with this new, amazing, unique information in regards to what happened to Amelia it will break more limits on many levels and reunite people all over the world.
“As the consciousness of humanity continues to evolve, each and every person will come to fully understand that they have experienced many lives. Each person will understand that they have lived as different genders, nationalities, races, and in all kinds of levels of experience within societal systems. From this understanding, humanity can now see that nothing exists anymore that can create separation. It will then not be necessary for formal borders to exist between countries, as all people will have one citizenship, as citizens of Planet Earth.”
Re-born Amelia is a pioneer again, people need to know Julia’s rare knowledge; it can support each and everyone on the planet. Time is of the essence now. Her powerful book which is published should be distributed world - wide. Nostradamus was right again when he wrote Quatrain 2.45 “Late and soon comes the awaited assistance.”
Book “YOUR ETERNAL HOLOGRAM, New discovery is a key to Access and Enlighten your Consciousness” is available free on line now at www.ameliareborn.com

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