HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 446 : 11 February 2009

Parliament: Deregistration, Fuel farm and OIA amendment

While there has been some rattling of sabers over the technicality of whether the Cook Islands Party officially exists after being struck off the register of Incorporated Societies, the subject was not broached in Parliament.
In fact, when CIP MP, Norman George rose to ask a particular question of the Prime Minister ‘as head of Government, chairman of Cabinet and leader of the country’ before asking for the PM’s position on the fuel farm proposal, I really thought he was about to seek a public assurance that Government still recognized the Cook Islands Party as a legal entity.
Happily for the CIP members, everyone seemed so preoccupied with the swearing in of the new MP and the tabling of the Official Information Amendment Act 2009 by the DPM and deflecting the questions about the appropriation of $5.5 million for the fuel farm proposal, the question did not arise.
The PM told the House he would prefer to wait for a decision about the fuel farm to be made in Cabinet the following day (on Tuesday 10 February). Norman asked why the PM could not give an answer to the House there and then and if he did not know, he could the DPM for the answer and to let the House know. Nandi Glassie chimed in that the PERCA copies had now been released and the Government must already have made a decision and could they please let everyone know their position.
Albert Nicholas asked if Government had discussed the continuation of the land lease for the Toa site and what would happen if the landowners refused to renew the lease? The reply was that the Financial Secretary was ‘in the process of negotiating with the landowners’. However, no further details were volunteered on the matter so it is unclear whether the landowners will agree and at what price.
The DPM was also preoccupied with his other pet project of ensuring the safe passage of the amendments to the Official Information Act in Parliament to ensure that the new schedules and timetables for OIA compliance are legalized. The Act becomes law on Wednesday 11 February.

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