HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 463 : 10 June 2009

World famous activist assisting residents

The Herald can now reveal that world famous environmental activist, American, Erin Brockovich is in Rarotonga.
An indication of just how seriously the resident’s of Puaikura are taking the issue of the non-compliance of the landfill with the law is the fact they have enlisted the assistance of Erin Brockovich.
A spokesperson for the residents, advised the Herald of Brockovich’s involvement last week.
Erin Brockovich gained world wide fame when a major movie was made in 2000 based on an environment case she brought before the US court. Top actress Julia Roberts played the part of Brockovich and won the Academy Award (Oscar) for best actress. Roberts also won the British Academy of Film and Television Arts award (BAFTA) for best actress and the Golden Globe Award. The film also picked up 24 other major awards. Brockovich herself had a cameo role in the film as a waitress. Leading British actor Albert Finney co-starred with Julia Roberts in the film. In December 2000 Finney holidayed in Rarotonga and was interviewed about the film by the Herald.
The Times will bring a further report on progress with the landfill issue on Friday.

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