HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 485 :11 November 2009

“Te Kura Ote Au” Peoples Movement Listening To The Voice of the People

The newly established Te Kura Ote Au people’s movement has held several meetings over the last couple of months, which originally stemmed from the island of Aitutaki over the Sunday flights. The group has gained momentum and is quickly gaining support from various islands in the Cook Islands on other key issues affecting the outer islands and Rarotonga.
The group met on Monday 9th November 2009 in Arorangi to discuss key issues that should drive the policies to be created. When the policies have been decided, the group will extend an invitation to the wider public to attend meetings.
It is understood that a wide range of knowledgeable and action orientated people have offered their support and services where need be for the development of Te Kura Ote Au. At this stage the group has a philosophy which is spiritually based and driven to ensure that they focus on serving the people of the Cook Islands.

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