HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 487 :25 November 2009

Takamoa graduates 10 student pastors

The nation’s oldest institution will see another 10 student pastors graduate Thursday. Beginning at 4.30pm, the student pastors and their wives will receive certificates and diplomas in theology, and biblical studies as well as special awards for Hebrew, Greek, Theology, Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, and Pastoral Theology.
Only two of the student pastors along with their wives are being given a parish. Akatika and Tara Nanua will head Tukao, while Henry and Irei Ford will be assigned to Noble Park in Melbourne, Australia.
According to Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC) President Rev. Tangimetua Tangatatutai, the remaining student pastors will return to the parishes they originally came from where they will work under the current pastor doing practical work such as preaching and visitation. This also allows them time to reflect on their training to gauge its relevance in their current situation, as well as, identify what areas they would like to develop in the future. This is while they wait for their call to head their own parish.
Studying at the Takamoa Theological College is like studying at any university. The four year course is carried out by both the student pastors and their wives. The wives undertake the course, as there are women’s fellowships within the CICC that they run, plus they provide support to their husbands.
Another 12 student pastors will take up study next year in addition to those already in the pipeline.
Takamoa Theological College is an institution that deserves a lot of recognition. With 23 branches in the Cook Islands, 20 in New Zealand, and 12 in Australia – they are a force in not only the spiritual nourishment of Cook Islands people, but also the social aspects. The CICC branches pull Cook Islanders together which is a useful means of preserving identity, language, culture, as well as, allowing them to turn to others to help them face issues associated with living in Australia and New Zealand.
The graduands are as follows: Akatika and Tara Nanua - Tukao, Henry & Irei Ford – Noble Park, Tapaitau & Torohata Marsters, Mau & Reuela Vaerua, Ngarangi & Tuaine Tuakana, Rahai & Teavekura Nanua, Harry & Miri Rongo, Arerau & Elsie Maao, Eddie & Ngametua Dean, Tekotia & Ngarangi Joe.

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