HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 491 : 23 December 2009

CIP Points the Finger at the PM Also

The fallout from the Toagate scandal sees the Demo Government disintegrate into complete disarray and chaos. While the opposition has correctly come out in support of the PM’s actions, it is also of the view that the PM also has culpability in this matter.
The whole country has been aware of the Toa fiasco since the beginning of this year and yet the PM has allowed this mess to drift without taking control of the matter when common sense and public opinion clearly required him to do so. The fact of the matter is, the PM is the ultimate executive authority in this country and the buck stops with him.
In light of the above, there is a view that Sir Terepai Maoate is being made a sacrificial lamb for this scandal. This also leads to the view that the sacking is just a window dressing exercise by the PM and a cynical attempt to deflect his own failures in this disastrous venture.
Sir Terepai in turn has rallied the Democratic Party executive and supporting caucus members to expel the Prime Minister and new Deputy Prime Minister, Robert Wigmore from the Democratic Party. This total breakdown within the Government ranks leaves the country in a precarious position with no effective, functioning Government.
Therefore, the Cook Islands Party is of the view that the only responsible course of action is to ultimately seek a fresh mandate from the people at the appropriate time and let the court of public opinion speak on this most unfortunate matter.

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