HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 512: 19 May 2010

Te Kura O Te ‘Au peoples movement makes it official that it will join the 2010 General Election
During an exclusive interview with the Founders of Te Kura O Te ‘Au Peoples Movement, the following statement has been provided to the Herald to confirm that Te Kura O Te ‘Au will join the 2010 General Election.

Te Kura O Te ‘Au is based upon a ‘People’s Movement’ that is aimed at achieving positive national goals through genuinely concerned individuals from all walks of life. Many concerned Cook Islanders want to move beyond party politics and individual self help policies and actions.
Te Kura O Te ‘Au is a desperate cry for better governance from people across party lines, religious faiths, ethnicities, social backgrounds, academic achievements and economic status. More control on governmental expenditures and travels. More accountability; on development issues, land alienation, and immigration. Effective safeguards: against monopolistic practices. Better consumer protection. Better and affordable political representation.
Te Kura O Te ‘Au is a people’s open forum for action toward what is best for our tiny country and realistic quality of life improvements for the many struggling smaller communities.
To govern the Cook Islands at this point and time demands for people of humility, wisdom and knowledge. Te Kura O Te ‘Au will ensure that its’ candidates meet such demands and:
• understand the needs of the people of the Cook Islands.
• have the ability to translate such needs into relevant and meaningful policies.
• know how to improve the political system to deliver the services and resources needed.
Political Reform
The political system is in need of reform. It is a reform that Te Kura O Te ‘Au believes must be balanced and in tune with our spiritual and cultural values, while protecting and maintaining the interest of the people of the Cook Islands nationally, regionally and internationally.
Commitment to Serve the People
Te Kura O Te ‘Au will indeed be actively campaigning in this coming general election supporting candidates who unconditionally ascribe to a basic philosophy. The first principle is faith in Almighty God. The second principle is to respect and serve all the people of the Cook Islands.
These principles underline a respect for community wishes on issues such as restriction on Sunday flights, and a major reduction in the number of parliamentary seats. Party politics is proving divisive in our families, communities and country.
Members of Te Kura O Te ‘Au Peoples Movement will ascribe to an open democratic government that will be based on the principles of liberty and justice for all. There is an emphasis on preparedness and readiness in realistically facing the challenges of a changing world.
All concerned Cook Islanders that want to see a better Cook Islands after 2010 are invited to join the movement. Let’s unite to make a change for the better.

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