HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 516: 16 June 2010

PM confirms his passing of the baton after the election

Although Prime Minister Hon Jim Marurai has made it known to his Cabinet colleagues that he does not desire the Prime Ministership should the Democratic Party win the election, this decision has not been made public until now.
On Wednesday morning the PM informed the Herald in an exclusive interview that he has had enough of being Prime Minister and after the election he just wants to spend four years as an ordinary MP.
When asked if he would consider taking up a Cabinet post if it was offered to him, he said that would depend on what portfolios were offered.
The decision to step down from being PM confirms his view that no PM should serve more than two terms. The PM still supports that view. He has been PM for six years.
He plans to lead the party into the election as PM.
His announcement brings certainty and some finality to the transfer of the Party leadership to Hon Robert Wigmore and should be regarded as part of transition of leadership process.
This will help the public to focus their attention on the new team and the new way forward.
The PM is MP for Ivirua (Mangaia) and a former graduate of Otago University (NZ), a former teacher at Tereora who taught a variety of subjects including Accounting.
Does he have any concerns about the next Budget? He said until now we have been paying interest on the overseas loans but soon we will have to pay both principal and interest. The liabilities are also a concern especially the Toa Petroleum profit top up.

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