HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 516: 16 June 2010

Turepu wins seat for Matavera CIP

In a run off between Kiriau Turepu and Vaitoti Tupa for the right to represent the Matavera CIP, Turepu secured the winning margin by 218 to 132 votes. Nga Jessie, Chairman of the Matavera CIP Committee was pleased with the outcome and praised both opponents and all their supporters for turning out on the day to vote for their preferred candidate to represent them at the general elections.
Altogether, there were 450 people registered to vote, with the final voting tally at 350 or approximately 70% of the total registered CIP voters. Voting was conducted in an orderly manner and officials were pleased with the turn out of voters.
Jessie commented that it has been a very challenging time for his committee and especially so for the potential candidates because of the uncertainty and delays in agreeing to a run off process. “We wanted to ensure that the voting process was undertaken in a proper and transparent manner and to put to rest any speculations or rumours,” said Jessie.
I am happy that is behind us now and I am also encouraged by the level of support shown during this time to both Turepu and Tupa who have been formidable opponents during the campaign period. What remains now is for us to come together and to continue to strengthen our support base with our focus purely on winning the seat at the elections.
Following the run off, a large crowd gathered at Turepu’s residence in Matavera to congratulate him on his victory. In his speech, Turepu thanked all of those people including his family, for standing by him and for showing their loyalty, support and for having confidence in him. He agreed it has been a challenging time for him and his committee but the work is only just beginning and he is ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead which he admits, he is looking forward to.
He acknowledged and thanked his fellow opponent Toti Tupa and his team and was confident that they would be able to work closely together in future to secure the seat for CIP at the general elections. He said this was a win for CIP and the results sends a clear message to government that it is time for change.
People have simply had enough of the lack of performance of this government. They have lost sight of the needs of our people in favour of self interest so I’m certainly looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead. This has been a good day for CIP and I am happy at the process undertaken during the voting which was conducted in a transparent and fair manner.
An independent assessment undertaken by a political observer present, confirms voter turn out was very good with the voting process conducted in an orderly manner. It was refreshing to see the enthusiasm by the voters with the busiest period as expected at the beginning of polling and during the rush hour period of between 4.30 to 6.00pm.
Notable also was the high percentage of young people turning out to vote. This is certainly an indication of the spirit of youth and their determination to have their voices heard at the upcoming elections. Overall, the positive mood and sentiment of the CIP supporters in Matavera showed there was no animosity within the CIP supporters camp and their final votes confirmed a certain level of confidence for things to come in the person they have elected to represent them.

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