HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 520: 14 July 2010

Independents don’t worry CIP

The Cook Islands Party (CIP) is not worried about the growing presence of Independents seeking a seat in Parliament at the next election.
CIP Vice President Mark Brown told the Herald only perhaps three Independents may make an impact but they are likely to drag votes away from the Democratic Party candidate rather than the CIP. For example, Teariki Matenga in Titikaveka, Phillip Nicholas in Nikao and possibly Peri Vaevae Pare in Matavera if Cassey retains the Demo nomination.
The CIP are not too worried about Peto Nicholas and the Cook Islands Party Tumu who Brown says are living in the past.
Brown says five seats remain to be confirmed and the Central Executive are awaiting written confirmation from the punas for Manihiki, Rakahanga, Pukapuka, Mitiaro and Ivirua. Party Leader Henry Puna is likely to be confirmed for Manihiki.
The list to date is:
Takuvaine-Mark Brown
Tupapa-George Angene
Matavera-Kiriau Turepu
Ngatangiia- Ata Herman
Titikaveka- Taivero Isamaela
Murienua-Tom Marsters MP
Akaoa-Teariki Heather MP
Ruaau-David Akanoa
Nikao-Tangee Kokaua
Avatiu-John Henry

Arenikau-Teina Bishop MP
Amuri-Toa Islamaela
Vaivai Tau-Moana Ioane
Tamarua-Pukeiti Pukeiti MP
Oneroa-Vavia Tangatataia
Ivirua-to be confirmed
Mauke-Tai Tura
Norman George MP
Nandi Glassie MP
Mitiaro-to be confirmed
Penrhyn-Tini Ford
Rakahanga-to be confirmed
Pukapuka-to be confirmed
Manihiki-to be confirmed
Brown said if after the election the party entered into a coalition agreement due to circumstances that agreement would be transparent. It would be made public so people could see the conditions that applied.
As to who was likely to take up Cabinet positions Brown said it depended on the election outcome. If the CIP won the election the Herald suggested Norman George would most likely become Speaker, a position he was most qualified for. The Herald speculates Cabinet is likely to be;
Prime Minister: Henry Puna
Tom Marsters –Deputy Prime Minister
Teina Bishop
Teariki Heather
Kiriau Turepu
Mark Brown
Associate Ministers
John Henry
Nandi Glassie

By Charles Pitt

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