HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 526: 25 August 2010

Aitutaki leapfrogs ahead

Telecom Cook Islands is future proofing its public switched network by replacing an older existing REDCOM Medium Density Exchange (MDX) soft switch, with a new REDCOM High Density Exchange (HDX) soft switch in Aitutaki.
Serving as a powerful, next-generation soft switch, the new switch will allow its customers Next Generation Network services.
“The new switch was successfully installed. It’s going well. Saturday we worked on putting in last minute changes to the new HDX system (customers/customer features etc), cutover took place after 1230am Sunday morning and went smoothly” explained TCI Manager of Exchanges Carl Framhein
“Random dial tests to numbers have been made, and tested ok. Test calls were also made to all hotels or businesses that were open on Sunday. We will continue to keep testing. The next major milestone starts tomorrow, when we begin to disconnect the old exchange physically from the racks” he added
Service providers who deploy REDCOM’s HDX soft switch know that the product will allow them to deploy flexible networks. This flexibility ensures that service providers are able to address dynamic consumer demands, for value-added telecommunications services.
“HDX is a cost-effective overlay on our existing network and is a solid migration path to Next Generation services. This is an investment in the future and the quality of our advanced communications services for our customers” said Chief Executive Officer Jules Maher
“With the installation of the new switch, we can quickly and easily introduce new services to our customers without the need for further investment in hardware and operations. The REDCOM HDX soft switch was chosen as it interoperates with a wide range of protocols and interfaces such as the Cellular Network, and requires only a fraction of the power needed to drive the switch it’s replacing, so it is a ‘greener’ switch” noted Maher. “Telecom’s investment in this new switch is approximately $400,000 and should provide a confidence boost for the Aitutaki economy” he concluded.

TCI Media Release

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