HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 536: 03 November 2010

Top three choices all Demos

The top three preferred choice of Prime Minister all come from the Democratic Party, a new poll suggests. Robert Wigmore, Wilkie Rasmussen, and Jim Marurai, have all come out on top in the snap poll run by the Pitt Media Group, this week.
The downside to this monopoly of the country’s leadership stakes, however, is that one third of the respondents are not happy with any of the choices on offer. They opted for “no one” when it came to the question of who should be the Prime Minister/Leader of the country.
The snap poll was run over the course of one day (Monday) with 100 respondents around Rarotonga answering calls made at random.
Wigmore scored highest out of the individual candidates with 24%. Rasmussen attracted 18% while current Prime Minister Marurai received 8%. The three Democratic Party candidates therefore commanded 50% of the vote.
The Leader of the Cook Islands Party was a distant fourth choice with 5% and CIP Deputy Teina Bishop chalked up 2%. A total of 7% does not augur well.
Both CIP men failed to best an alternative category of “others” which scored 10% of the vote. The “others” are too insignificant to detail.
However, the largest bloc fell to the “no one” category where 33% of the respondents were unimpressed with the available choices. Some even suggested themselves as Prime Minister.
Clearly, both major parties have a lot of work to do to secure the support of those dissatisfied with the options.

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