HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 536: 03 November 2010

A call to listen and act
Tuesday 2 November 2010 11am-John Henry speaks to the Herald

John Henry, the Cook Islands Party candidate for Ruatonga, Avatiu, Panama, Palmerston, Atupa (RAPPA) in the upcoming election brings three key elements to the people of the electorate. They are;
Fresh face
Among the RAPPA candidates, his is the fresh face in this election. An honest, God fearing person, unburdened with controversy, having a clean record, no past political baggage and free of scandal, John Henry represents the best chance RAPPA has of making a new start, powered by a new drive, commitment and spirit to serve.
Here is a person who will undertake to listen to the community and ensure something is done about their concerns. He will work with people to resolve their problems.
He will take their concerns and make sure something is done about them or someone does something to attend to them. And he will keep people informed.
John does not want to dwell on what others have not done or what they should have done. He wants his people to know that what he will do together with them will bring ownership and satisfaction to and for the entire community as a whole.
As the people’s representative, he will not sit back but will take the lead on issues that need fixing.
RAPPA’s representative must be seen to be leading from the front says John Henry.
Empowering the community
John says community groups such as the Aronga Mana, religious sector, sports clubs and youth groups are the key to the smooth functioning, running and development of the community. He will work closely with these groups especially the Aronga Mana to empower them to develop innovative ideas and projects that will benefit the whole community.
Palmerston Island
If elected John Henry says Palmerston will never be forgotten. He will ensure their needs are addressed such as the need for hurricane centres and better, more regular shipping. When transport permits, he will definitely visit the island.
John Henry comes into the election having been a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

By Charles Pitt

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