HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 554: 09 March 2011

Letter of Resignation from CIP

7 March 2011

To Mr. Rau Nga
President, CIP Inc.

Dear President,
1. I now formally resign from the Cook Islands Party Inc. with immediate effect forthwith.
2. My right to resign from the Cook Islands Party Inc. is guaranteed by Article 64(1) of the Bill Of Rights provisions of the Constitution and the Incorporated Societies Act.
3. In the four years that I served as a member of the CIP, I carried out my duties in Parliament with maximum diligence; I was the only caucus MP who had $3000.00 deducted from his parliamentary salary to pay off CIP debts, raised funds for the CIP by selling barbecue plates of food in the rain with my family and I believe that my incisive contributions during the 2010 campaign made the difference which assisted the CIP’s landslide victory.
4. Once victory was achieved, those who made no contributions like Sir Geoffrey Henry took the party over and made all the important decisions which left me out completely.
5. It is my observation that the Cook Islands Party is privately owned by a group of individuals, and not a public organization, this guarantees this group jobs, power, and influence.
6. The inner elite made up of the Executive which guarantees 12 votes at every Party Conference and ensures that the choice of the leadership remain with the owners of the Party, who will never allow anyone else into the leadership or inner circle elite group.
7. The CIP Constitution is the most undemocratic document I have seen amongst political parties, the caucus MPs have no vote or say in the affairs of the Party; with power centered around the party leader and the inner circle elite group.
8. I leave the CIP with a clear conscience, feeling betrayed and full of sadness for many CIP supporters who shared my pains and sorrow in not being included in the CIP Cabinet.
9. Thank you for the offer of being High Commissioner to New Zealand, which my supporters object to and see it as a means to force me to leave Parliament and have me subservient to those who did me so much wrong.
10. I will continue to serve my people and electorate of Teenui Mapumai as an independent MP and that 97% of my electors support and approve of this resignation.

Yours Faithfully,
Norman George
Member of Parliament for Teenui Mapumai

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