HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 432 : 05 November 2008

Apia Park to add Samoa Flavour to Sevens

An initiative by Vaivase Samania has resulted in his home land Samoa being represented in the International Rugby Sevens by Apia Park.
“With a few Samoan boys now living and working in the Cook Islands I felt as a team we could add a bit of international flavor to this year’s rugby sevens tournament”, said Samania.
A regular Cook Islands Rugby Sevens representative he said this was one of the few opportunities he and his Samoan countrymen could represent their heritage. “Most of us are now married to or have Cook Island partners, for a few days, they could pretend to be Samoans,” said the Cook Islands Samoa Community President Navy Epati. “Who needs the laughing Samoans when we have the Apia Park team” laughed Epati.
Samania claims the local imports sneaked in because some of the Samoan boys are carrying soccer injuries including himself.
“Our ring ins all have ancestry links to Samoa including the sponsor,” claims Epati (still laughing). Sponsoring the team is the yet to be launched Fetū FM radio station which is a part of Star Network owned by Pitt Media Group’s George Pitt.
“Obviously Vaivase has picked up a bad Cook Island habit,” said Pitt, “While he was in Samoa in July for the World Cup Rugby Sevens qualifiers he asked me to sponsor the team, that’s before the business has earned its first dollar”.
Part of the reason for forming a Samoan team was to be in a position to receive an invitation to participate in the Marist Brothers Rugby Club’s huge annual Rugby Sevens tournament held in March each year at Apia Park in Samoa.
We definitely need to win the Cook Islands tournament so we can pay our airfares to the Marist Brothers Sevens said Samania.
“We will all be at the National Stadium in full force,” said Epati, “The whole thirty of us Samoans living in the Cook Islands will be there to support the boys.”
“We will be issuing honorary citizenships including a passport stamp for $100 at the field on Friday and Saturday so that you can qualify to buy one of our $35 “T” shirts to wear as you cheer for Apia Park,” said Epati.
“We tried to get the organizers to change the dates of the tournament because Jerry Collins, Wiki, Sonny Bill Williams and a host of other Samoan International league and rugby players will be on Rarotonga for Kiwi Captain Roy Asotasi’s wedding. We wanted to get them to play in the Apia Park team,” said Epati
Despite lacking major sponsor for this year’s tournament the organizers are optimistic it will be highly entertaining and competitive.
See you all at the National Stadium for a 2pm kickoff on Friday.

Herald Issue 432 05 November
- Yes he did – Obama wins!
- New political party to be launched
- DEMO and CIP in Disarray!
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Herald Issue 431 29 October
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Herald Issue 430 22 October
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Herald Issue 429 15 October
- Report hints of worse to come
- Impartiality of Queen’s Representative Questioned
- Climate change - No longer just a theory
- Crimminal case of the century begins
-The case for the prosecution
- Workshop shows depth of creativity

Herald Issue 428 08 October
- Troubled Demos search for way forward
- Is there a Ministerial change on the horizon?
- A father asks for forgiveness
- Sponsors sought for Akateni Te Vaka Festival
- Closing the loopholes on foreign enterprises operating in the Cook Islands?
- One laptop per child concept accepted by PNG

Herald Issue 427 04 October
- Reviews of Health Ministry lack funding
- Mangaia hosts parai mangu workshop for ‘Are Marama Nui project
- Financial Secretary’s Blunder Could be Costly!
-Attempt to reunite Ariki
-Roads - maintain them or lose them
-New Zealand actor and whale lady feature in movie

Herald Issue 426 27 September
- Investigation needed into cost of changes at Health
- Expert back from Africa, Ireland next
- Health management decisions questionable!
- Libby comes to town
- Shortland Street star on Safari
- Launch of two memorials to Papa Tom Davis today

Herald Issue 425 20 September
- A technical bill with strong signals
- Complaint exposes lack of written policies
- nfrastructure development cries for a new concept
- Increasing the revenue from Tuna
- Ministry wants Williams to pay up
- Small turnout to roadshow

Herald Issue 424 13 September
- Over 40 PDL creditors meet to discuss options
- Audit Completes 2nd Investigation – Police Inquiry Must Follow!
- World Clean up Day
- A good local role model - Tearoa Tini
- Education, Police sign MOUs
- The customer is always right

Herald Issue 423 06 September
- Chamber calls for changes to the Public Service
- Spending imbalance in the Public Service
- Bleak Future for our Public Service!
- E-revolution at Health Ministry
- Openness to replace culture of secrecy
- Outer Island children to benefit from laptop project

Herald Issue 422 30 August
- Government to develop policy guidelines for land management
- Remembering the Good and the Bad Times!
- Bob’s last journey
- Locals pay tribute to Bob
- Boxing on, the Tahitians are coming
- WHO promotes Healthy Islands

Herald Issue 421 23 August
- Candidate selection the key to change
- Cook Islands response to Fiji’s withdrawal from Forum
- To Compete or Not to Compete!
- Bob Worthington - truly a worthy and meritorious Cook Islander
- Greg Urwin - An Islander at heart
- Anderson heads Chamber

Herald Issue 420 16 August
- Conference a wake up call for the CIP
- Some insight gained of CIP policy path
- Second chance for Executive
- Finance Minister signs China loan
- Proposed Commerce Bill needs life breathed into it
- More on the CIRA conference on Marae

Herald Issue 419 09 August
- CITC buys PDL
- CITC take over of PDL- a brief summary of the key details
- One way ticket out - Thanks to Government!
- PDL + CITC = A monopoly?
- Constitution Day celebrations at the National Auditorium
- International Night at Te Maeva Nui

Herald Issue 418 02 August
- Tepaki up to date says NZ Bank
- Legal framework for commercial sector
- Speed, Dogs and Te Maeva Nui – Recipes for Disasters!
- Youngsters boxing on
- Parkway Diner opens at Punanga Nui market
- A Cook Islander calling the shots at a Melbourne Rugby Club

Herald Issue 417 26 July
- Other building site better say Engineers in report
- Repeat offenders on the loose again!
- Fraudsters won’t be the last
- Strength seen in Pacific Common Market
- Community to discuss water project
- ZOZA – Seeing is believing

Herald Issue 416 19 July
- Wednesday briefing from the Prime Minster
- Cook Islands community in Melbourne hosts Puaikura tour group
- Takitumu Festival 2008 – An Extravaganza Not to Be Missed!
- Atiu being victimized says Glassie
- Digicel seeks $69 Million loan for expansion in South Pacific
- Aquarius problems fundamental says Tepaki

Herald Issue 415 12 July
- Telecom Farewells CEO
- What future for Cook Islands people?
- Health Conference 2008 underway
- The threat of lifestyle diseases
- Setting professional standards in Health
- Author to visit native Cook Islands

Herald Issue 414 05 July
- Resurgence of investor confidence in Tepaki Group
- Make the next QR an Ariki says church pastor
- Visitors ask for their passports back
- Te Aponga Uira to host Annual PPA conference 2008
- Hodges & Munroe move on
- More lime trees for Mitiaro

Herald Issue 413 28 June
- Sunday flights-the greediness for more
- NZ IRD probe orchestrated by locals-Tepaki
- No Sunday flights-Tepaki
- Scary time no trouble to Marsters
- The business of peace
- The Push Factor – Who’s next!

Herald Issue 412 21 June
- House of Ariki hear the views of Government
- Desperately seeking Obama
- Ui Ariki – Has the Bubble Finally Burst!
- Courting disaster
- Tsunami preparing for the big one
- Marsters stands in for Ioane at Bali Meeting

Herald Issue 411 14 June
- Cabinet ignores petition, approves Sunday flights trial
-Ui Ariki vs House of Ariki – The Challenge Ahead!
- Ui Ariki seeking recognition of their mana with a Proclamation
- Lagoon Day and closing ceremony for Environment Week
-Air New Zealand Fare and Capacity Changes
-50th Wedding Anniversary celebration

Herald Issue 410 07 June
- PM injects Rome meeting with Pacific view
- Another week of fluffy ducks!
- Cook Islands to represent the Pacific on the CBD Bureau
- What is Takitumu Lagoon Day all about?
-Sunday flights to Aitutaki
-Women in Sport presentation to Rotary

HEADLINES: ISSUE 409 31 May 2008
- Prime Minister to attend High-Level Conference on World Food Security
- Budget 2008 – Nothing more but more of less!
- Turning up the heat on Peters
- Takitumu Lagoon Day part of National Environment Week events
-Women host High Court Justice
-The mystical wave of Teahupoo

HEADLINES: ISSUE 408 24 May 2008
- As the DPM tightens the purse strings and reigns in spending, others look for an Economic Summit
-Wake Up PSC: It’s time for change!
- Congratulations, Vaine Maui, Woman of the month of May
- Making no excuses, Tepaki apologises to his workers
- Starting and staying in business
The BTIB shows how

-Aquarius Pacific applies for relief from court judgment

HEADLINES: ISSUE 407 17 May 2008
- Casual attitudes poses potential risks!
-Moves aimed at improving management-Tepaki
- Women Agriculture Ministers launch Network at the UN
- Lady Davis seeks $300,000 from CI Herald
- When the sleeping giant awakes
-Cheaper to mine nodules now

HEADLINES: ISSUE 402 12 April 2008
- Cabinet approvals granted
-“Our Economy – Concern or a Con”
Mr Financial Secretary – What Say Ye!

- Breast cancer campaign raises $23,714
- Denise Rairi found not guilty
- Routine steps to achieving 100% Nio Manea
-Specialist speaks on breast cancer

HEADLINES: ISSUE 401 05 April 2008
- Worrying signs in policy document
- Prime Minister’s Office on Witch Hunt!
- Appointment of the Mauke Environment Authority
- Tanks nearly ready at fish farm
- Defence lawyer wants charges against Denise Rairi struck out
-Tahitian Association seeks members, accommodation
-Suppression order lifted by CJ

HEADLINES: ISSUE 400 29 March 2008
- Silence over the economy - quiet before the storm?
- Kete heads to Mauke, Tom misses out
- Helmets – have we been conned!
- Occupation a factor in partition orders
- National Commission to be set up for UNESCO
- Alternative sources for fresh water

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