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CI Times Weekly | Current Issue 341|12 March 2010

Tahiti Royalty visits

Visiting Rarotonga is Tauatomo Mairau who is a claimant to the title of the Crown of the Kingdom of Tahiti. Francis Garnier advised that Mairau is the legitimate claimant to the title and has proven his case in court. His court battle began in 1993. The court decided two matters which were firstly, if the title of crown of the kingdom of Tahiti still existed and if so, then, could the title be succeeded to. The last King of Tahiti was Pomare the fifth. As he had no heirs the title stopped with him in 1891. Mairau is descended from the line of King Pomare’s brother. Now Mairau is mounting a court action for the return of royal lands. The French had Gazetted these lands to be sold but there is no record of any sale.
The golden crown of the kingdom is in a museum in France. Mairau intends that the royal palace which was removed by the French in 1960 to make way for the Assembly building, be rebuilt on the old site and the Assembly building moved elsewhere. Garnier says Mairau is already being acknowledged by government authorities in Tahiti in official documents, as the holder of the title.
There are two other descendents from the Pomare line who are challenging for the title but to date the courts have not recognised their claims.
Mairau returns to Tahiti next Tuesday. - CP

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