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CI Times Weekly | Current Issue 358| 16 July 2010

Tupa takes Tupapa

Democratic Party members in the country’s biggest electorate, Tupapa-Maraerenga, have voted for Nooroa Tupa, a Te Aponga Uira manager, to represent them in the next General Election.
More than 400 members cast their votes.
Tupa polled 184 votes, John Tangi (sitting MP) polled 162 votes and William Framhein polled 78 votes.
Voting took place at the Osana meeting house on Thursday starting at 9am with the polls closing at 6pm.
There was no run off between Tupa and Tangi as the candidates had agreed to a “first past the post” approach.
Tangi is the sitting MP who entered parliament at the last election in 2006. In his one term in parliament Tangi rose to become Leader of the House.
Speaking to the Times on Friday morning, Tangi said he considers his highlight in office to be the securing of the SPC (Secretariat of the Pacific Community) regional office for Pacific Legislatures on Population and Governance when it came up for relocation from Fiji. It is the first time a regional office has been approved for the Cook Islands and he calls it a visible achievement.
As the sitting MP Tangi said he remains in office until after the election and his tenure will terminate on the date the Chief Electoral Officer makes his declaration as to the successful candidate.

By Charles Pitt

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