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CI Times Weekly | Current Issue 364| 27 August 2010

Peua chasing Demo Party nomination

On Friday is was reported that the Pukapuka Demo Party Committee met with the CIP sitting MP Vai Peua on Thursday to consider his request for their support to stand as their candidate for Pukapuka.
At the time of going to print the Times had not heard from the Pukapuka committee the outcome of this meeting.
What is know is that on 20 August Vai Peua the sitting member of parliament for Pukapuka wrote to the Democratic Party Committee in Pukapuka asking for their support for him as the Democratic Party candidate in the upcoming elections. Peua indicated he would be arriving in Pukapuka shortly aboard the vessel Picton Castle.
Peua is not wanted by the Pukapuka Cook Islands Party Committee who have named Lazaro as their candidate.
In response to his letter of 20 August, the Democratic Party Committee in Pukapuka by way of a petition signed by the President Rakuaro Marukore, Secretary Marurai Marurai and Treasurer Iotama Ravarua along with members from three Oire of Ngake (8 signatures), Yato (5 signatures) and Roto (seven signatures), rejected Peua’s request.
The following is the text of the letter sent by Peua to the Committee. It was received at Pitt Media Group by fax from Pukapuka Committee on 21 August 2010 (English translation)
“20th August 2010
President Mr Rukuaro
Secretary Mr Marurai
Committee members
Democratic Party Committee and supporters
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus!
I write to express my view in relation to some rumors with actions I may have done which has discredited me and my ability to serve you; as I wanted to state my position with you in this manner.
Firstly, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the Democratic Party Committee as Ngarima has informed me that our Committee has full confidence in me despite the CIP having other views. I also trust and will go along with what you ought to do through your actions is best for us.
I would like to bring some light during my association with the Democratic Party. During 1980- 1987 I was the Secretary of our Association on the island and Tere Mataio as the Chairman; I didn’t however quit the party which lead things to turmoil. During the last election when we had Tiaki Wuatai you all know that I offered him support with 3 votes for him to lead in the election by one vote and Tiaki himself did not acknowledge my support – he turned the blind eye on me. This is one reason I decided stand in the last election because of my personal debts.
While being a member of parliament for the island the CIP leadership has encouraged me to terminate the employment of Democratic supporters within the public service and realize what happened up to today. It has always been something I find totally unfair during my term as MP.
I trust this is one burden upon the Cook Islands Party on me as I did not go along with their demands. They tried their very best to make sure I lost my seat in Parliament but to no avail. This is one reason why they wanted to eliminate my position as MP for the island.
Within Parliament House, you all know that it was me that supported any motive the Democratic Government had for good governance as I had also no fear with the CIP because this is definitely the work of the devil.
The question therefore stands; was I the one that benefitted or was it our own people on these two islands of Nassau and Pukapuka? Do consider the benefits that came to our two islands; were they a credit to me or was it a blessing from God himself of whom we place our trust?
Therefore, my fellow Democratic Party members I wish to pledge my support for all of us to work together as I always wanted for our islands to prosper and for the Church to realize that we are truly children of God with integrity and that we may become fruits of the living God(Matthew 5:16).
Because the CIP have withdrawn my candidacy I have no problem with this because it was through their own perseverance that resulted in my actions.
I therefore ask for your support for me to be a candidate for the Democratic Party at this forthcoming election.
I will allow you to determine what is best for us as the CIP has already decided on their candidate and this leaves us with no candidate to stand? Furthermore, it is up to you to see how best it is for our supporters to ensure that your candidate gets in at this next election as the CIP is quite disappointed amongst them also as they are not aware of what is happening with their selection process.
You have my trust as I leave them in your capable hands for our team to be strong with a spirit of togetherness for us to win at this election. We all know that I will also attract supporters from the CIP to come to our camp because it will be through me that our Democratic support will turn back and come to the fold but I leave this for you to consider.
I will be arriving on the yacht the Picton Castle should you intend to wait for me to discuss this further with confidence.
In conclusion, I offer my deepest apology to all of you from the bottom of my heart for my wrongdoings and actions at times that I tended to turn away from you and ask that you accept this.
May the good Lord continue to bless us!
Your humblest servant
Hon. Vai Peua”

By Charles Pitt

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