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CI Times Weekly | Current Issue 439|23 March 2012

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Manihiki pearls feature at Takuvaine Market
Selling pearls at Friday’s Takuvaine market is Manihiki Pearl farmer and technician, Mrs Mehau Johnson.
Mehau who is part of a family pearls farm business has been coming back and forth between Rarotonga and Manihiki for years to sell her family’s pearls.
“We usually come here to sell to local retailers, but if we do come here during the Takuvaine market we partake in it,” said Mehau.
Mehau’s family have owned and lived in a residence in Takuvaine for over 40 years and they are therefore entitled to sell at the once a month market.
“My mum and Dad have been farming and retailing pearls for over 30 years, I have only just started out on my own with my family and my brother, Tamuela Karaponga,” said Mehau.
Mehau explains that her stack on display is all from last year’s harvest and that her jewellery made is between her mum and herself. “I’ve only started learning how to piece my pearls into jewellery, I’ve been learning from my mum, and hopefully soon everything I would be selling I’d have made myself,” said Mehau proudly.
Mehau will be returning to Manihiki on Saturday with a good haul from retailers who’ve bought her pearls.

Protecting your electrical appliances
Do you have regular power surges causing your computer, fridge, toasters and any other electrical appliances around the house to halt in its use?
Then Vonnia’s Warehouse has the solution to your problem, power surge guard adapters.
On sale at the moment near the front entrance of Vonnia’s Warehouse sits the large range of Intaract Surge Protection. Surge guard adapter, 3 metre surge guard extension lead, surge guard telephone adapter and many more are available at a cheap price.
“We just want to promote using surge guard adapters, which I think is a great idea for home appliances.” Say’s Yvonne Heather, owner of Vonnia’s Warehouse and Vonnias General Store.
“Our 3 metre extension cords we were selling at $,and get one free, but we decided to bring it down to $2.80 per cord. Some of our other products you buy one and you get one free.” say’s Yvonne.
A surge adapter is an advanced electrical surge protection for a series of electrical products.
The surge guards can control to a maximum of 2400 watts.
Power surges and spikes are caused by power supplies irregularities. These surges can happen at anytime and can damage electronic equipment. The surge guard will reduce the danger of damage to your electronic equipment by absorbing power surges.
If there is a major power surge, the surge adapter may sacrifice itself in order to protect electronic equipment.
If that does occur the Led light on the surge adapter will turn off, meaning the merchandise will no longer function as a surge protector, though all other functions will remain useable.

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