Cook Islands Times Weekly | Issue 178 27 November 2006

Letter to the Editor:
That title is rightly mine

Dear Editor - My name is Tuvaine Taunga Kairua. My mother was the Princess of Manihiki. She was Princess Ella Kaina Taunga. I have written my genealogy so your readers can understand me (see below).
I was in Rarotonga in September and October of this year (2006), when I saw my Uncle Rahui and cousin arguing on the T.V. about the Investiture that was taking place in Manihiki. “Shame”.
Isn’t it a shame when your own family tell different stories even under oath.
My cousin and his Dad were here for a visit and they both came up to see his other son that lives in Kaitaia in 2001. My two cousins came to pick me up to go see their dad. When I saw my uncle he was full of smiles and was hugging and holding my hand. He didn’t look very well, as I could tell his health was failing.
My Uncle started to tell me about our Whakapapa, how I was up the “Top” and everybody else was under me. Being the first born of the first born and so on. I just smiled at him, as it was like the time my mother told me she was the Princess of Manihiki and I just smiled at her too.
He then went on to say if I come to Manihiki with my family, we would be staying at the “Marae” in Tukao where only the “Top” people stay.
He would then introduce me to the people of Tukao. Sadly My Uncle has since passed away that same year 2001 in Manihiki.. I suppose that’s why his son want’s the Title for their family, because he knows I’m not good at talking about our Whakapapa. I loved my Uncle very much and my Mother loved him like a brother.
When I was over in Raro, I read a letter “Ariki Titles” written by Hina Here on the 30th September, she is so right. What she wrote is the truth.
You see before the Black Pearls the people used to live off the “copra”. The big piece of land that’s right next to the Airport in Tukao, it was planted with coconut trees and the people of Tukao lived off the copra for many years.
That big piece of land belonged to my mother, the Princess of Manihiki, given to her by her parents. Also the “Black Pearl” was first farmed on the “Kava-O-Daniela” the Kava belonged to my grandmother.
Here Tupou Daniela, McKinnon, Kaina (1st husband), Kaipo (2nd Husband), Rubena (3rd Husband). Her maiden name is Daniela and her father was a Scots man, McKinnon. I hear it’s the biggest farm in “Tukao” (only seen it on video).
My father Maki Taunga used to dive off our Kava the old fashioned way, with the heavy suits, big helmet on their head with a breathing tube attached to the helmet and a lifeline attached to them.
We used to travel from Rarotonga to Manihiki, “those days it was by boat”. My father was 36 years old when he left Rarotonga to come to New Zealand to work.
He wanted to work hard and save so he could go back home and rebuild the old homestead in Matavera, but sadly he passed away when he was only 52 years old. My grandmother was in her 70s when she left Manihiki, so you see she was very old, but she was very fit for her age. She lived till she was 92 years old.
Some people might say I don’t deserve the title because I haven’t been back to Manihiki, I was only 6 or 7 years old when I left.
I would say to them, “it’s my Birthright, it’s my blood on the land of my Ancestors. The Ariki title has been Dormant for a very long time, now it has awaken, it is my birthright to claim the Ariki Title of Manihiki”.
We have never claimed any royalties for the land that was used, or the Kava that is still being used. I knew about this farm when it was first started, but we left it at that because I knew it was benefiting the people of Tukao.
But now this bad thing is happening in Manihiki, it has to be put right. The wrong people cannot take the title, because I and all my children and grandchildren are still alive.
If we were all dead, then they can take over, but as you can see we are very much alive. Just one last thing if someone can help me put right the wrong that has been done Please contact me.
God will be smiling on us all if the Truth be told
- Mrs Tuvaine Taunga Kairua
Phone (09) 408 8782
Postal 24 B Worth Street
New Zealand

My Family Genealogy
We are descendants of

TAPERU (ARIKI) = POUNAGA – 1st Husband

I will start from my Great, Great Grandfather
Tuarau – Kerehopa- Rupetoa
Male Tuarau-Kerehopa – Rupe Toa = Tina (Female)
Female Tina Metua Kauta Aone Taromi
Male Elikana-RupeToa

FemaleTina Metua Kauta Aone Taromi = Papa Morara (male)
Male Kaina (rahi) – (Minister of Religion) 1884 to 1929
Female Mehau Tamaine
Female Hikuunga
Female Tupoutomoana
Male Tuhe Petuera
Male Honu Pounnanga
Male Tokerau Makea Tiki
Female Tina Tuangane
1884-1929 1885-1977
Male Kaina (rahi) = Here Tupou Daniela, McKinnon (alias Mama Hei & Mama Era) Female
Female Ella (Apikaira) 1919 –1988 (issue)
Male Kaina (mengiti) 1924-1996 (issue)
Male Tamaine Apii Karaponga (feeding Child)

1919-1988 1917-1969
Female Ella Kaina = Makiroa Taunga
Female Tuvaine Tutu Taunga (Issues)
Female Moeroa O Topa, Teremoana Tamarua
(feeding children) (issues)
Male Ngatokorua Hosking (feeding child) (issue)
Female Ella Mary (Adopted Grand daughter) (issues)
Female Tuvaine Tutu Taunga – Holliday Kairua
Female Annie Laurie (issue)
Male Maki Taunga (issue) m Zion
Male Takai Amarama (issue) fRose Maria mTuaine
Male Kaina Holliday (no Issues as of yet)
Female Annie Laurie Kairua = Vincent Bryce Rudolph
Male Holliday Bryce
Male Tepuhi Hokianga
Female Teamohaere Ella
Female Sally Mary

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