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CI Times Weekly | Current Issue 272 | 13 October 2008

Makea contender wanting to rewrite history?

The long running saga of who should hold the Makea Nui title has taken on a new twist with the application by a member of the Ngati Putua clan.
The latest contender has several obstacles ahead of her including the fact that her claim stems from 1810 when our ancestors were still ‘etene’.
There appears to be a papa’a spin to calling the incident an ‘injustice’ as Yolande Browne has put it considering that in pre-Christian days, our ancestors had a warrior mentality and ‘might was right’ and the occasional tribal war was not unusual.
After the arrival of the Gospel to Rarotonga through the missionaries of the London Missionary Society in 1823, our people learnt there was a gentler way to live and embraced Christianity with enthusiasm according to the early writings of Rev Buzzacott (Parakoti) and fellow missionaries.
Another major obstacle is that Yolande is the product of the second marriage of her father, Willie Parau Browne who remarried after his first wife had passed away.
Willie Browne’s marriage of his youth was to Tuvaine Tamarua from the Makea Nui family and the children of that marriage are members of the Kopu Ariki of Makea. The four lines of Makea Nui are: Rangi Makea (Makea Nui), Sadaraka (brother), Mere (sister) and Upokotoko’a (sister) as recognized in a court ruling on that point.
Therefore, the children of Willie Browne’s marriage to his first wife, Mama Tuvaine are descended from both Makea Nui Tepatuakino and from Putua Ariki and are descendants of the only surviving child of Putua Ariki, named Ma’utau’a. Incidentally, there is no ‘h’ in the name which is a cryptic name meaning in rememberance of his pregnant mother’s ordeal of getting wet and muddy as she hid in the taro swamps when she fled for her life and that of her unborn child from Avarua to sanctuary in Puaikura.
Whether the High Court will allow a hearing on the application is another matter and if and when the case comes to court, the Makea Nui family is certain to be there to defend their title.

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Headlines : Times 230 10 December 2007
- A travesty of personalities!
- Maine Tiare girls at Competition Finale at Auditorium
- What is happening at the Punanga Nui?
- Cook Islands World AIDS Day 2007
- We still owe $54.8 million
- Boxing: Club competition set for 18 December
- Youngsters urged to take up boxing
- A Cook Island experience in China Final

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